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Microscope Zeiss

6mm, 3-well microscope slides HTC autoclavable 30-3481H-BLUE leitz zeiss fisher


Zeiss Microscope DIC Objective Epiplan-Neofluar 50x HD M27 Excellent !


Pair of brand new Zeiss 44 41 31 Oculars (Microscope Eyepieces), Pl 10x/18


Carl Zeiss microscope substage assembly condenser holder


LED illuminator retrofit Kit with dimmer control for older Zeiss microscopes.


Zeiss Microscope Polarizer


Zeiss Microscope Eyepiece PL 10x/25


Zeiss EPI IV 2 FL Fluorescent Vertical Illuminator for WL & Standard Microscopes


Zeiss Microscope DIC Objective Epiplan-Neofluar 100x HD M27 Very Nice !


Zeiss Quartz Microscope Slide


ZEISS Black Trinocular Microscope Head


Zeiss Opmi 6-CFC Surgical Microscope head with XY 3 Binoculars ophthalmology


Double Iris Diaphragm for Zeiss Microscope




25mm Extender for Zeiss Microscope


Zeiss Microscope POL Circular Rotatable Stage Nice !


ZEISS EVO 50 Scanning Electron Microscope


Zeiss Microscope POL / DIC Intermediate Tube and POL Slider


Zeiss Microscope Quick-Release Condenser mount Nice !


Zeiss Standard 25 450816 - 000.000


Carl Zeiss West Germany Plan 16X 0.35 Ph2 Phase Contrast Microscope Objective


Zeiss Microscope Centering Slide for Polarization Work


Zeiss Microscope Eyepieces 6,3x One ocular is POL very nice !


Digital Camera System for Zeiss PICO microscope


Zeiss microscope understage polarizer - pol standard junior


Zeiss Microscope Objective Plan Achromat 10x/0,25 Infinity Corrected


Zeiss A-Plan 5x/0.12 - 441020 Microscope Objective


Zeiss 44 09 38 CP-Achromat 10x/0.25 Infinity/- Microscope Objective


50mm Extender for Zeiss Microscope


Zeiss Surgical Microscope Opmi F=200 Objective Lens


ZEISS 350mm OPMI Surgical Microscope Objective Lens 65mm


Carl Zeiss Microscope Condenser


Zeiss AxioLab BINOCULAR ERGOTUBE 8-38 /20 and Microscope Stand (Pt.47)


Zeiss Opmi Surgical Microscope Beam Splitter 50/50


ZEISS Neofluar 100X/1.30 Oil Microscope Objective Lens 160mm


Zeiss West Germany 0.9 Microscope Condenser for Universal, Photomicroscope


Aus Jena Laboval 4 Carl Zeiss Binocular Microscope w/ P10 x 18 Eyepieces